Arnold didn’t mean to set the house on fire and kill Thomas’s parents. He was just drunk and playing around with a fire work, and it accidently went off in the house.

Victor finds out how the house really got burnt down when he was talking to Suzy about his father. When Suzy is telling Victor the story about his father and how he was telling Suzy every day that he didn’t mean to set the house on fire. Suzy tells Victor that his dad went running in to the burning flames to try and save Victor. Victor finally believed her when she told the story.

The exchange between Victor and Thomas reveals to us that Victor only hated Thomas because he believed that his dad only tried saving Thomas from the fire when we was thrown out of the window. Then once Suzy tells Victor the real story about his father Victor realizes and sees that his father did care about him and he tried saving him too. Once Victor knows the truth I feel he starts to accept Thomas for who he is. Even though Thomas still tells all his stories to Victor, Victor just sits and listens to them now.

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Journal 9-4

The people on the reservation might avoid Thomas Builds-The-Fire and his stories are because they don’t want to hear what he has to say about his life, or the life of others. They might not like him either because maybe his stories are just annoying to the people. The stories he tells some might see as the truth and they don’t want to know the truth yet so they avoid him.

            I think that if there was someone that I knew, and they could tell stories about my future and what was going to happen, I would probably avoid them too. I would avoid them because I wouldn’t want to know what was going to happen in the future because then I would think about that all the time.

            People may also avoid him because maybe every time he sees someone he has to tell them a story or a vision he has. He can’t just have a normal conversation with a person, so they get annoyed with his stories all the time. People on the reservation might also avoid him because he could be the weirdo of the reservation that no one likes and picks on all the time because it is east to.

            They might be trying to avoid what he has to say rather than him as a person. What he says in his stories might offend or hurt the person he is telling the story to, so rather than getting hurt they just avoid him as a whole.

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Question 6

Question 6

I think that Alexie shows the drunken aspect of the Indians because he doesn’t want to hide that about their culture. Maybe he is trying to teach people about the Indian culture and is showing the readers that Indians like to drink a lot. He also could be trying to show the readers that Indians might not drink anything else besides alcohol with their meals or when they are having parties. Indians also might drink alcohol like it is water since they are always drunk and always passed out in places. He could be showing this aspect of the Indian life because he quit drinking and moved out of the Indian reservation, so maybe he is kind of making fun of his culture. He could be making fun of them because he was a heavy drinker like the rest of his reservation but then quit, so he feels to talk about what Indians are like with their alcohol. He could be trying to show the readers that when Indians drink their alcohol they don’t stop drinking until they are totally drunk or until they are passed out. Alexie could also be trying to show that Indians are alcoholics and can’t control their drinking problem, so they are drinking constantly. Alexie could be trying to say that Indians drink when they need to get away from problems that they are having in their life. Also he could be saying that since they might make their own alcohol they have an endless amount so feel the need to drink it.

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